New York

New York, New York – so good they named it twice. This is a city of abundance, of celebration, of life. With its unmistakable skyline piercing the clouds, this epicentre of superlatives is where you want to head to in order to make your dreams come true. You can see dreams big and small, incarnate in every street, whether it’s the Broadway dancer running late for his audition, the Wall Street trader shouting instructions down the phone, the self-made man who runs a shop, a restaurant, a dry cleaning business or just a food truck on a corner, or the immigrant from a far-away culture, who has packed up all her belongings to seek out a better life.

This dream factory welcomes every last traveller in signature hearty style, where each New York minute is packed full of impressions, and every newcomer is overwhelmed like a settler still arriving on the boat at Ellis Island with nothing but a bag-full of hope. New York is truly a city of hope. The undying torch above the Statue of Liberty burns bright for every one of the millions of souls pounding the pavement of Manhattan’s street each day trying to beat the pace of the city while racing to the top.

If you start with Breakfast at Tiffany’s you’re already running late: nothing beats the mystery of the city in the twilight, when a cup of Joe and a stale bagel are all the company you need, as you roam through Washington Square or listen to the Upper West Side wake up, one household at a time.

Wherever New York’s unending head rush may take you, our team at Still Life knows can place you in some of the most desirable addresses and make sure that you get a restful night between your daytime adventures. Whether you prefer a warehouse conversion in Soho or classic elegance on Park Avenue, we’ll procure the finest accommodation solutions for you and take you right to the thick of the big city jungle. With Still Life, you can make Central Park your backyard and 5th Avenue your local shopping mile. Just hail a cab and fancy yourself as a native New Yorker.

Unparalleled in entertainment and culture, there’s no city as rich and diverse as New York. If the world had to choose a capital for the entire planet, this would have to be it. Or why else do you think the United Nations is also housed here?

We’ve made it our focus at Still Life to find the right apartment for every traveller, no matter if you’re visiting New York with your entire family, your partner or by yourself. While there’s no way of really keeping business and pleasure apart in a city of New York, we’ll also make sure that all your needs are met according to the purpose of your trip, so you can make New York your home during your visit.

After all, if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.