Spain’s capital city is a Tapas board full of energy and life, serving up quintessentially Iberian experiences infused with hot spices and even hotter tempers. Here, you will witness everyday conversations unfold like seductive flamenco dances or debates turn into full-on bull-fights; whatever they do, our Spanish friends don’t ever hold back in passion and enthusiasm. Nowhere can this vivacious quality be better observed than in Madrid, a city that boasts such magnificent sights as the world-famous Prado museum and the Plaza Mayor.

With historic preservation playing a major role in town planning and architecture, walking on the backstreets of Madrid can sometimes feel like looping back to another time, where sweet old grannies shout shopping lists from their decaying balconies to beautiful and buxom young girls – presumably their granddaughters – and where clothes are still hung to dry on rusty lines with old fashioned pegs, handed down from one generation to the next. It is a time capsule that somehow doesn’t age, despite the fact that everyone has smartphones and computers.

But do not underestimate Madrid for the quaintness of its streets and the sincerity of its inhabitants: this is Spain’s economic and cultural powerhouse, the backbone, on which the rest of the nation relies. The city repeatedly ranks among the top three populated cities of Europe and has a constant influx of newcomers arriving here to make it in the big city. So if you want action, you need to look no further. Countless nightclubs and bars will keep you pumping through the night, and the rioja will do the rest. And if you do want to go out, don’t even bother leaving home before midnight: everything starts late and ends even later in Madrid. Everything.

Located right in the heart of the country, this is also an excellent hub to explore beyond the capital and become a true conquistador. The medieval town of Toledo with its rich history might be of particular interest for seasoned explorers: once the seat of the monarchy, Toledo has always been celebrated as a place allowing various cultures to live side by side, way before the idea of modern-day multiculturalism had even been conceived. You can discover Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions here, or have fun and create your own traditions.

The Mediterranean climate can get particularly hot in summer months inland, at which point you might want to head to the sea. With almost 5,000 kilometres of coastlines available, all of which is at the most a few hours’ journey time away, Madrid provides the ideal epicentre from which you can spread in any direction.

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