Capital of Spain, Madrid, lies on the river Manzanares in Central Spain and is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. Due to civil disputes and territory arguments, Spain did not have a settled capital city until well into the 16th century. Madrid was finally chosen during the reign of Philip the Second from the Royal House of Austria. Madrid was chosen for its abundance of water supply and game for hunting in its surroundings. 

The city is filled with incredible people who are really welcoming and love to entertain. Madrid is filled with beautiful people, maybe it's because of the water, maybe Sun, or maybe it's that famous Mediterranean diet. Whatever it is, there is no denying that Spain and Madrid have produced some of the most beautiful people in the entire world. Actress Penelope Cruz and model Marina Perez both daughters of the Spanish capital are world renowned beauties. Let's not forget the guys- Footballer Fernando Torres has long been recorded as one of the world’s hottest sports stars.


Q: Is Madrid Safe?

Yes, it is very safe in terms of violent crime and people feel safe to walk home late at night.

Q: How do you get around in Madrid? What about accommodation?

There is excellent public transport in Madrid and is one of the most thorough and least expensive. For accommodation, luxury apartments in Madrid would be the best option where you can stay with your family comfortably.

Q: What currency is used in Madrid?

The currency used in Spain is Euros.