To call Barcelona a city of muses would be an understatement. It is a place where inspiration is left free to reign over its own infinite kingdom. Few other places in the world are as moving for their abundance of compelling man-made structures in the way that the Spanish city by the sea is. You don’t have to be an architect to appreciate the countless wonders that this town has contributed to world heritage over the centuries, especially with the extraordinary designs of Antoni Gaudí, which are proudly scattered all over.

While Salzburg may celebrate Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Florence chase after the masterworks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Barcelona’s love affair with Gaudí is a tangible experience all across the city, whether you choose to relax at Parc Güell or keep up with the never-ending pace of construction at La Sagrada Família. The organic lines in his works seem to flow unlike any other edifices in the world, striking visitors as larger-than-life sculptures at first before they realise that these are fully functional buildings in the Art Nouveau spirit.

But it’s not just 20th century architecture that is held in such high esteem here; the Gothic quarter of Barcelona revives structures sometimes dating as far back as the Middle Ages, tying everything from the ancient past in seamlessly with contemporary town planning in a way that only the Spanish can master so skilfully. You would never know that you are time travelling, as you ramble your way through Las Ramblas, looking for a taverna where the wine may be cheap but sure to hit the spot. And if goes down just so smoothly with that age-old cured ham!

The second largest city in Spain enjoys a remarkably mild, Mediterranean climate and features lots of festivities and events year-round – which is all the more reason for taking any excuse to come to the Spanish epicentre of personal expression, no matter what time of year. And if it all gets too much, you can always just hit the beach – there’s one right in the heart of town, from where you can see cruise liners take off into the far ends of the world, not to mention the many beach villages dotted along the coast surrounding Barcelona. This is truly the kind of place that feeds all of your senses as well as your fantasies.

So whether it’s ice in the sunshine or costa del heartbreak that you’re after, we at Still Life are here to make sure that your trip to Barcelona turns into an unforgettable one. With various accommodation options to choose from depending on your requirements and the size of your travel party, we’re ready to get you started on your Spanish escapade. Our dedicated reservations team even includes a Barcelona native, who is expecting your call and eager to tell you all about her hometown.

No matter if it’s business that brings you to Spain’s economic powerhouse or leisure, a tapas board of adventures awaits when you arrive in Barcelona. Can you say “Olé”?