A charming hotel with many added amenities, providing you a comfortable and convenient stay – that’s what truly puts the “apart” in aparthotel.

Creating a hybrid construct in accommodation services that combines hotels and apartments into a single handy union, aparthotels have been the staple of mid to long-term travellers for many years, making city life feel a little less alienating. Aparthotels fill an important gap in the market for modern travellers, who want to get more out of their trips than just the anonymity of a hotel - especially when you find yourself needing to go from one place to the next all of the time.

When you’re away from your homebase but still expect certain need and standards to be met, you can simply opt for an aparthotel, where ingenuously designed spaces turn a studio-sized hotel room into a clever mini-apartments full of utility and value. Much like a hotel, you can expect to have your comfortable bed from which you can enjoy television or access the internet, but in addition to that you can also expect a small, integrated living area, where you can relax, unwind, and let yourself go without being restrained by an area the size of a shoe-box.

Need to wash your clothes? Consider it done. Want to get some work done without having to turn your bed into a makeshift desk? Your table’s waiting. Want to make your own breakfast in the kitchenette? No worry at all. You wouldn’t believe the difference a small fridge and a microwave can make in a traveller’s life. And the best part is that you don’t even have to pick up after yourself, as all our aparthotel providers are typically serviced - as you would expect it from any regular hotel.

At Still Life, we have teamed up with a global network of various aparthotel providers to source the perfect solutions for you. Whether you want to be in the heart of town or perhaps prefer to commute from an outlying borough, we can deliver the results you want and thus facilitate your extended stay at some of the world’s best addresses.

Our dedicated team is happy to compare various properties for you and find the best aparthotel for your next trip. Get in touch with our reservation agents to discuss your personal requirements, and we’re confident that we’ll get you to check in at an exceptional aparthotel wherever you need to be next.