Family Homes

You can now leave your home and travel to the four corners of the planet without ever leaving “home”. Just leave the planning to us to find an amazing family home for you and your loved ones to call your home on your journeys – wherever they may take you.

By sourcing an entire family home for your upcoming travels you will never have to worry if you are fully prepared for your trip. Just pack your bags and go. We will organise your stay at a beautiful property that is fully decked out with all the amenities that you might need during your time off – whether you want to go away for a long weekend or are hoping to relocate to another country without the initial hassle of “homelessness”. An entire home all set up with furniture and a fully fitted kitchen waits for you.

Do you want to be in a luxury house for a novelty experience or are you rather looking for a rustic cottage to nestle in with your entire family? Are you planning to have an extraordinary time with your travel party or do you want as little disruption to your usual routine as possible? Are you looking for city chic or country charm? From classic to quirky, from all-work to all-play, whatever it is you may be after, we are here to provide the ideal framework for you to make it happen.

While properties will inadvertently vary from each other and not always guarantee the same services, we will ensure that you will receive first-class care from the moment that you arrive, and that you get precisely what you desired from your reservation.

Please tell us your requirements so we can make sure that we find a home that suits your specific needs: do you prefer a property with lift access or is a set of stairs fine? Is internet connectivity absolutely a must for you or are you happy to find your own solution once you arrive? Would you like to be in a home with satellite television or is this not a main concern? Do you require a dining room separate from the kitchen and lounge or are you not planning to entertain for guests?

Whatever you expect from life, you can expect it from your holiday home. The team at Still Life will help you ask yourself the right questions to procure the perfect property for your travels. So do yourself a favour and let us find a stunning home for your next journey.