Rome is an ancient architectural city with lots of influential art to offer to locals and tourists. It not only has a long history of the ancient Roman Empire but also the new architecture is based on similar lines. If you are a tourist or wish to explore the beauty of Rome, then it would be great to wander around in the old city area. It has a lot to offer in terms of architecture and would give you a strong feeling of the ancient Rome culture.

The Vatican City has the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican Museum which has many great masterpieces such as Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes and much more. You would be mesmerized by the ancient remains of Colosseo. It is a site to visit while in Rome and you would know how the architects would work even in those days without much help.



Q: Is Rome Safe?

Yes, it is a safe city to roam around anytime of the day or night.

Q: How do you get around in Rome?

There is affordable and comfortable public transport in Rome and is very popular as well.

Q: What currency is used in Rome?

The currency used in Rome is Euros.