Villas & Cottages

You want to travel in style and occupy an entire luxury home alongside your family, friends, or perhaps your business partners during a team building exercise or a group project? Look no further.

Our extensive choice of villas, mansions and cottages across the world is an ideal solution for your wayfaring dreams, where you can explore hidden nooks and crannies set against some of the most beautiful and stunning landscapes in the world. Our spacious homes are designed to house large travel parties and facilitate your daily interactions while making the most of your time away.

No matter if you are looking to arrange a distinctive hen party for your best friend out on the countryside or if you are planning a corporate pow-wow trip to the mountainside, we can help source the best locations and ideal settings for your journey, making your home your castle even on your travels – sometimes quite literally so.

Combining the best in architecture and design, we hand-pick our properties and create bespoke packages suited to your needs, guaranteeing that you will get the luxury experience you would expect when staying in these beautiful properties.

Staying at such large estates has been a growing trend in tourism, as people are beginning to create their travels on their own terms, away from the stringent guidelines of hotels and package holidays, with a greater focus on individual needs rather than cookie cutter solutions. You can also afford to travel with a much bigger group of people by lowering the cost per head while staying at the same address together. Our properties feature multiple bedrooms as well as additional sleeping sofas if more guests than expected should show up. You can address your catering needs without being left to the whims of chefs and restaurants. You are even in control of your laundry and don’t have to waste any of your precious time while you’re away looking for the nearest laundromat.

Planning a family reunion? Organising a creative weekend with likeminded people? Arranging an exclusive seminar for high-profile guests? Why not let Still Life do the planning for you, while you can just revel in your excitement for the upcoming trip! Our expert team will be happy to put together some great ideas for your group retreat, ensuring that you’ll probably never want to come back home.

From charming chalets in the Swiss Alps to fetching fincas under the Andalusian sun to Dutch-gabled vineyards at the Cape of Good Hope, we can organise it all for you, and make sure that your entire travel party will be taken care of. When you book a property with Still Life, you are always in good hands from beginning to end.